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Updated October 11, 2003

Wedding Photo Our wedding photo (taken by Ron Butler--thanks, Ron!; trellis decorated by Alex Lucyshyn), November 10, 1990
Clay's best man salute We told Clay that as our best man he could not wear a penguin nose at our wedding. We didn't say anything about propellor beanies...
Sylvester Sylvester, taken 1988 (Sylvester McCoy II, 1987-1990)
James and Leia as a puppy James with Leia as a puppy, fall 1988
Merlin plays soccer with Ball Merlin, playing soccer with his beloved "Ball," Christmas 1993
Linda, her mom, and the fids Merlin, summer 1994 (Merlin Lucius Young, 1989-1994)
Leia in papasan chair Leia asleep in the papasan chair, Christmas 1994
Portrait of ears Leia, 1995; yes, her ears really were that impressive! (Leia Organa Young, 1988-1998)
Bandit and Nala This isn't a good shot, but it's one of the few photos we have of Bandit's "illicit" affair with "Nala," circa 1995
James at party James at one of our Epiphany parties, 1996
Linda and her mom Linda with her mom in front of the dogwood tree at the old house, Spring 1997
Linda, her mom, and the fids Linda and her mom with Bandit (left) and Leia, 1ater that spring, 1997
Willow as puppy Willow's puppy picture, May 1998
James and Willow James and Willow, 1999

The pics of James' plane ride are now on their own page, with more pics and a narration.

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