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Windy Foot, the dapple-grey Shetland pony


Windy Foot Books Trivia Answers

  1. Toby's favorite exclamation is "Barnacles!"
  2. To get Windy Foot to go, Toby says "Excuse my dust!" or simply "Dust!"
  3. Toby's favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate, followed by butterscotch.
  4. Tish's favorite flavor is also chocolate, but her second favorite is coffee.
  5. Tillie and Tossie won $50.00 for the Clarks.
  6. Johnny called the stoneboat a "starboat."
  7. Betsy names her new doll Matilda.
  8. Windy's Christmas present, besides a bowl of maple mousse, was a red jockey cap that Toby cut holes in so Windy could wear it.
  9. Betsy wanted to name the calf Angelina.
  10. The Michaelis family came from Canada.


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