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Updated July 2008

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I do not know why I am writing this, but here it is. My name is Schuyler Hedwig Young and I am a hen budgie. Schuyler is like the sky because I am blue and white, and Hedwig is after an owl who is white. I live in a place called Atlanta with my mom (well, she says she is my mom) and my daddy (who is very handsome) and my big sister who is a dog but not like Lassie, who is on the teevee which is my favorite thing in the world. I have my own nest—a big nest with real branches in it just like wild birdies have—in a bigger nest that is called a house. Some days Mom and Daddy are away at something called work and something else called shopping, and other times they are here in the big nest with me. Mom does something called "tellywork" which sounds like teevee but is not. When she does the "tellywork" she sits in front of the computer all day and scolds at it.

Mom says I am a very pretty girl. I agree. As I said, I am blue and white, with handsome black stripes in a pattern the bird people call "harlequin pied." My cere is brown because I am a girl bird. Right now I am moulting but I expect to be gorgeous again when my feffers grow back in.

These are other things I am very good at:

Mom is always worried about me. She wonders if I am happy. You see, I am not what she calls "tame." This means I will not sit on her finger, and that means I can not come out of my nest and fly around. I would like to fly around, but I think hands are scary. When I was a chick Mom had to grab me because I got in back of the teevee and now I am scared of hands. She says I can sit on her finger but I think it is going to eat me. Something around here is going to eat me. I just know it. (Mom also says I am paranoid, but I don't know what that means.)

Mom says she loves my bedtime routine. First she says it is time to roost and brings out my cage cover. First I jump over to say goodnight to Swing, who is my friend. I say goodnight by beating him up. It is a budgie thing. Then I jump up and say good night to the bells at the back of my nest. Then I climb up the top of my nest to get to my swing. I could get there easier by climbing through the front of the cage, but then it wouldn't be my routine. So there.

Even though I am not tame I have gotten to go on adventures. One was good and one was okay. The okay one was called "camp." My sister Willow the dog who is a terrier and I went to "camp" while Mom and Daddy went shopping or something to a place called Helen. There was someone called "the vetlady" there and she grabbed my wings and gave me a shot which Mom says is to keep me well, but I don't know how being stabbed can keep you well. Otherwise "camp" was okay. There was another budgie there. Mom said he was British, which is like what we watch on teevee sometimes. He didn't sound British; he just sounded like a birdie.

The other thing was better; it was called a trip. I don't know why since nobody fell down. Anyway, my cage with me in it was put in the car. Sister sat next to me in something called a harness. She wanted to be up front with Daddy but they wouldn't let her. Daddy and Mom sat in front and made the car go. We went through things called States. I think it is like a nest. I live in a State that is Georgia. The we went through someone else's State. This one was called Tennessee. We stopped in a State called Kentucky and stayed at a little nest called a hotel. The hotel had a teevee, so I liked it. While we were there Mom and Daddy went to a play which is like teevee.

We have had other interesting things happen. One was called "Merry Christmas." Mom goes crazy and puts shiny things all over the house, including a big tree. It doesn't look much like a perching tree. I even had my own "Merry Christmas" things next to my nest.

We also have "game night" and "party." This means other humans come to our nest and have fun. I like it better when it is just our flock.

I am done talking now. Here are some pictures Mom took of me. I am sorry the cage bars are in the way, but I am scared of hands.


My Photos

This is my baby picture. My baby picture
Me at Christmas This is a picture of me at Merry Christmas.
I love to climb! Me climbing.
Me with Bell. This is me with Bell, who is a good friend.
This is just a portrait of me. Me!
Me on a branch Here is me on my real branch perch.
Here I am sleepy, with my paw up. Me ready to nap.
Me in my bed. Here I am in my swing that is my bed.

My Links

Links are something on the Internet. These Links are about Budgies like me.

This is a story Mama Hen wrote about having budgies!

Budgies can learn to talk like Humans says Mama Hen. We are originally from somewhere called "Stralia." That is waaaaaaaay south of here. Here is how a Budgie would talk like a Human in Stralia.

       Australian Slang Dictionary

You can visit Mama Hen's page! (She has Teevee stories and Books and Merry Chrisbird on it!)

Visit my Daddy's page! (He has airplanes on it!)

Please visit my Sister's page, or she will get insecure. Budgies are never insecure. Unless there is a hand. Or a loud noise. Or if it's quiet. Or if there's a cat. Or...

These are Bandit and Pigwidgeon, who lived here before me. Sister says they were nice and they were tame.

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