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Welcome to a haven full of manuscripts, thumb drives, collie and Lassie memorabilia, and especially books, books, books. They spill out everywhere: in the bathrooms, at the back of the sofa, perched on arms of chairs and laid on tables. Alcoves exist aplenty for curiosities and stuffed animals.

Feel free to explore the files! "Television" counts favorites from Rupert Holmes' sensational series about radio station WENN to Disney's copyboy-turned-reporter, Gallegher. "Books" contains poetry, book lists, and pages on different series books and the best children's magazine ever published, "St. Nicholas." Finally, the "Times and Seasons" folder ranges from the celebration of Christmas—with my mom's terrific wine biscuit recipe!—to nostalgic essays about the people and places of the Rhode Island of my youth. Tired? Curl up on the glider-rocker with a good book, the kaliedoscope, or a soft pillow! The soundtrack of our lives may lull you to sleep: podcasts like "The Tech Guy" and "A Way With Words," George Winston tunes, John Denver singing, the television keeping the bird company, but most commonly soft instrumental Christmas music in the background, as we await Christmas here, but love the autumn best.

Oh, and if the budgie lands on your head, don't forget to give him a kiss!

Christmas Specials Decoration Days
Other Shows I Love placeholder
Addie Mills Specials Alistair Cooke's America
Ask the Manager Brooklyn Bridge
Flambards From the Earth to the Moon
Disney's Gallegher The Good Life
Lassie McBride
My World and Welcome to It Remember WENN
The Waltons placeholder
Favorite Books Favorite Poems
Gladys Taber's Stillmeadow Tribute to Kate Seredy
Madeleine L'Engle St. Nicholas Magazine
Children's Books The Tuckers
Donna Parker Windy Foot
Five Little Peppers From the Library
Times & Seasons
Birdwatching placeholder
Salute to Fall Thanksgiving
Salute to Winter Christmas
My Nostalgia Place Favorite Movies

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