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Updated August 12, 2008

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My name is Willow and I am a dog person. I am part Pomeranian but my daddy, mommy, and the vetlady say I am a terrier, too. Maybe a Cairn 'cause Mommy says I look like someone named Toto when I run down the stairs, or a Jack Russell or a Border. Nobody knows. Daddy and Mommy don't say that anyway. They say I act like a terrier, so I am a "terror"-er, and just call me a "terror" for short. Then they laugh.

It's a human joke and I don't understand them.

I am mostly brown with some black hairs mixed in on my back and tail. My left front leg and my other toes are white. I have white on my chest, too. Oh, and Daddy says cute fuzz on my face. He says I look cute and that is good, because when you live with humans and do naughty things being cute helps! Except with Mommy who is strict. I like Daddy better.

I live in a big den in a place called Atlanta along with Daddy and my mommy and my sister who is kind of a bird thing. (Other bird things live outside, but they are not my sister even though we feed them.) I used to have two other brothers who were bird things—one was called Bandit but then Mommy said he got old and went to Rainbow Bridge. :-( My second brother had a funny name but we just called him Pidge. I used to chase Brother Bandit but Brother Pidge chased me back. I don't think this was fair at all, but sometimes it was fun. But he got sick and went to Rainbow Bridge, too. Now I have sister Schuyler who scolds and doesn't come out of her house.

I have lots of fun things to do. I have lots of toys including a cool monkey that squeaks. Mommy calls it AMC after the nasty people who cancelled her favorite teevee show and always tells me to bite it. I have Greenies and another monkey that Mommy says is really a hedgehog and other neat junk to chew but I like shredding paper best, even if it does get me yelled at. It is fun to make it go everywhere.

I have lots of things I like to do. One used to be go outside on my leash and chase cats. I didn't get too close because they hissed and made mean noises. But I loved them when they ran! I wanted to run after them. Mommy said we should do something called "lure coursing" because I like to run so much. But when we moved to our new den, there were no more cats. I like it at the new den because there are not people trying to get on my terrier-tory like they used to and drive loud cars. I used to bark a lot. I chase squirrels now, but they cheat by climbing trees.

My favorite thing to do is sit in Daddy's lap and be cuddled. He has a big chair that goes backwards and then I can climb in his face and lick it!

Sometimes I play with Daddy. It is so much fun! He gets on the floor with me and we play "terrier in the hole" or we cuddle. I used to play "grrr" with him, but that is not polite anymore. He is the alpha male and I am a lady dog. So I play "grrr" with Mommy instead because I can challenge her. Someday I want to be alpha female in this pack! [Mommy's note: Sorry, Wil, not a chance.] We wrestle and I growl and play bite. I have to be careful because she will not let me bite hard, and when the game is over I can't play bite anymore. It is hard to remember but I try to or I have to "time out" in my crate.

The only things I really don't like are time outs and wolves (well, maybe riding in the car I don't like a lot—I like to move on my own!). Daddy and Mommy say they are not really wolves but other dogs. I don't think so. They are big and scary even when they are littler than me. They sniff at me with their big noses and try to jump on me and have slavering jaws. Daddy says it is just playing and I would enjoy it, but I don't want to play with wolves.

Other interesting stuff: We have done something called Merry Christmas for years. I am still not sure what it is all about. They put up a big fake tree and hung things on it, including long shiny string. I'm not sure what it all is called, but I think it's a "Getawayfromthat!" Whatever. Merry Christmas is nice because people make cool food and you get presents. One year I got dog treats and a big rawhide bone! They let me dig the bone from behind those packages things and then I just chewed and chewed on it.

Even better is something called a birthday. This is great because you get wet dog food as a present. Once I had a whole can of wet dog food and it was delicious, but I ate so much that I got sick. It was a good sick, though.

Sometimes we have something called "a party." This is bad and good. It is bad because there are so many people that I just have to bark at them when they move. I mean, who knows what they will do? They might steal my cookies or hurt Daddy! But it is good too because there is neat food that falls on the floor!

I have also got to do something called "going to camp," but I don't like this. This means staying at the vet's office while Mommy and Daddy go somewhere that does not allow dogs. I think places that don't allow dogs are mean.

At least Sister has to go to camp, too. I don't know if she likes it. I know Brother Bandit used to like camp! He used to talk to everyone and they thought he was cute. Brother Pidge liked camp, too. Brothers are silly.

The best thing that happened once at our house was someone called "Grandma." She came to visit us and stayed with me all day. She gave me dog cookies and also something called "cereal" and I didn't have to do any tricks to get them! Then she went back to her own den. A while back we went to her den to visit her. She was just as nice but I kept forgetting how she smelled and kept barking at her when she walked in the door. I had to defend her den for her. That is my job as a dog! Then Grandma came to stay with us again, but this time we did not have fun. She was very old and Mommy said she was sick. I went up to her and let her pet me to make her feel better and when someone came to the door I barked so she didn't have to be afraid.

But then one day she wasn't there anymore and Mommy said she went to Rainbow Bridge. She liked my brothers so I think now she is having fun with all the Brothers there. I hope so. She was a nice Grandma.

Oh, the other thing we did once was called "Moving." I didn't like this at all. We went to a new den and I had to get used to all new smells and protecting new territory. But it is not as noisy at this den, which is good.

Anyway, here are some pictures of me. The first one is the day I came home from the Cobb County Animal Shelter. (Daddy and mommy say I am a pound puppy and then laugh. More human jokes!)


My Photo Album

Willow, age 10 weeks, and her Daddy This is me and Daddy the day I came home.
I was ten weeks old and weighed three
and a half pounds. Daddy is the most
terrific person in the world.
This is me lying down looking at the
camera thing for Mommy. I am almost four
months old here.
Willow, age 15 weeks
Close-up of Willow, age 15 weeks This is a close-up of me taken at the
same time as the above picture. See, I
told you I was cute!
I am six months old in this picture.
Mommy says it will be the only time I can
get up on the bed! Ha-ha! I get up there
when she's not looking!
Willow, aged 6 months
Willow on her dog bed; aged 1 year This is me on my bed. It was taken just
after my first birthday. It's a cool bed.
May 1999. If I look grumpy, I just had a
bath. I hate baths. Daddy and Mommy say I
look fluffy. Ick!
Willow, aged 14 1/2 months
Willow asks for tummy rubs I love to have tummy rubs!
Here I am asking for one,
but all Mommy wants to do is
take my picture
But better than tummy rubs
are Daddy rubs.
This is March 2000, like the last picture
Willow getting a daddy rub
Willow in the sun So I'm lyin' in the sun!
It's a dog thing;
you wouldn't understand.
One day I was feeling insecure,
so I slept all day in Daddy's 'puter chair.
Mommy snitched on me.
Willow in James' computer chair

My Links

Anyway, here are some neat dog links mommy found on the Web.

       A page about Shetland Sheepdogs, like my friend Kelly
       Here's a link about terriers on the TV thing

Mommy has a Lassie page you can go see. I didn't think Lassie was a real dog but Mommy and Daddy met Lassie. These are collie links Mommy likes:

       English Shepherd Web Page
       History of the Collie Breeds

Visit Daddy's page. He talks about the neat plastic models I watch him build. And about airplanes that fly! I want to fly someday!

Visit Mommy's page. She has the teevee links and book links—dogs cannot chew on books!—and something about that Merry Christmas thing. (Brother Bandit called it "Merry Chrisbird.")

Please check out my little sister's page. Her name is Schuyler and she's silly because she won't sit on Mommy's finger at all and be tame. Like Mommy would hurt one of her birdies! This was my little brother Pidge's page! (His real name was longer but I couldn't spell it.) Please visit him, too.

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